GradUs matches international students from South Asia, particularly from India and China, to U.S. institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies. Our American university specialists work closely with students and their families to assist them in choosing the institution that best matches their interests, financial means, aptitude, and career goals. We then guide students through their university application and visa process to ensure a seamless transition into their new lives in the United States.

Our CEO and founder, Dr. Onkar Sharma, has been a university professor for over 40 years as well as a Divisional Chairperson, Graduate Director, Dean and two-time Fulbright award recipient (2006). During the last 20 years, while working as an administrator and professor at Marist College (NY), Dr. Sharma also started and ran the international graduate student placement program exclusively for The School of Computer Science and Mathematics. He personally managed every step of the process from recruitment to enrollment: he traveled to S.E. Asia twice annually to recruit applicants for Marist; he reviewed and verified their credentials; and he was the sole authority on their admissions. In the 2014-15 school year, as a result of Dr. Sharma's recruitment efforts, over 850 international students applied to Marist.

Not only is Dr. Sharma intimately familiar with the institutional side of recruitment and admissions, he has also been through the process as a student. He traveled to the United States from India to earn both his M.S. (Berkeley) and Ph.D. (NYU) degrees in computer science.

Over the years, as Dr. Sharma's network has grown, an increasing number of international students have approached him via referrals. While they were often interested in Marist, many had hoped that he could also offer them the option of other universities; that's why he recently decided to move beyond his exclusive relationship with Marist and founded GradUS.

If you partner with GradUS, we can lighten your workload by assisting each applicant at every step of the process.

We will:
  • Personally counsel each applicant; because in order to match an applicant with the right institution, it's vital we understand that applicant's interests, goals, and concerns.
  • Assess the applicant's academic profile and financial status.
  • Confirm the applicant meets the academic requirements of your institution.
  • Verify the authenticity of the applicant's degrees, grades, and other relevant documents.
  • Guide each applicant in completing his/her admission application.
  • Guide each applicant through every step of the visa process, including preparing him/her for the visa interview.
  • Help each applicant obtain bank loans, if needed.
  • Provide each applicant with information on financial aid and on-campus employment opportunities.
  • Conduct pre-arrival orientation.
  • Assist each student in finding temporary lodging if he/she arrives before official housing is available.
  • Advise each student on major/discipline selection and on first semester course selection, if requested.
  • Keep the lines of communication open to further assist each student as he/she adjusts to a new country, culture, and society.

To streamline the admissions process we are developing developing an online system that will give you access to the numbers of:

  • Students who have chosen to apply to your institution.
  • Qualified students among those applications.
  • Admitted students (and their names).
  • Admitted students for whom I-20s have been secured.
  • Admitted students who have secured a visa.
  • Admitted students who have enrolled at your institution.

Through 20 years of recruiting students in S.E. Asia, Dr. Sharma has learned how to attract quality students. He also has built an extensive agency network who have impeccable reputations and long track records. He has worked for years with this select support network of agents. Collectively they have helped thousands of students enroll in U.S. universities. GradUS ensures that their agent partners conduct themselves according to the strict standards of the National Association for Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA's) Statement of Ethical principles and AIRC policies of best practices. All GradUS directors are certified ICEF Trained Agent Counselors (ITAC).

Most importantly, Dr. Sharma is passionate about mentoring students. Years ago, when Dr. Sharma came to the United States to study, he had very little assistance. There wasn't a service like GradUS he could rely on. He had to navigate the visa and immigration system and acclimate to a foreign culture on his own. It was often frustrating and lonely, but he persevered, earned his Ph.D, and changed his life. He wants to help other students do the same.

We realize that all institutions are different and we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how to tailor a solution to your institution's particular needs.

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The United States enrolled a record-breaking number of international students during the 2013-14 school year, welcoming approximately 886,000 undergraduate and graduate students to institutions throughout the country. The continual and rapid rise in the number of international students shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, the total has grown 72 percent since 2000. China and India represent almost half of all international students in the U.S.(undergraduate and graduate combined).

As a result of the hard work and dedication of Onkar Sharma and the recruitment strategies he put in place, Marist has experienced significant growth in our Indian student population. Our campus and classroom environment within the School of Computer Science & Mathematics are now enriched with a diverse international graduate student body. Onkar's knowledge base and expertise have been invaluable to Marist and to the many students he has helped to achieve their dream of studying in the United States.