GradUs matches international students from South Asia, particularly from India and China, to U.S. institutions for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Our American university specialists work closely with you and your family to assist you in choosing the institution that best matches your interests, financial means, aptitude, and career goals. We then guide you through your university application and visa process to ensure a seamless transition into your new life in the United States.

GradUS will:
  • Personally counsel you; because in order to match you with the right institution, it's vital we understand your interests, goals, and concerns.
  • Assess your academic profile and financial status.
  • Confirm you meet the chosen institution's academic requirements.
  • Verify the authenticity of your degrees, grades, and other relevant documents.
  • Help you fill out your application.
  • Guide you through every step of the visa process, including payment of the sevis fees and preparing you for the visa interview.
  • Advise you on obtaining bank loans (if needed)
  • Provide you with information on financial aid and on-campus employment opportunities.
  • Conduct pre-arrival orientation.
  • Assist you in finding temporary lodging if you arrive before official housing is available.
  • Advise you on selecting your major/discipline and with first semester course selection (if requested).
  • Keep the lines of communication open to further assist you as you adjust to a new country, culture, and society.

To learn more about GradUS, please visit our About Us and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.

Contact us to speak with a GradUS university speciliast and to receive a student application to apply to a GradUS university partner institution.

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Dr. Sharma helped me tremendously right from the beginning. He interviewed me in Juhu, Mumbai and gave me an admissions letter. Then he helped me with every step of the visa process from obtaining an I-20 to eventually a Student F-1 visa. Even after I arrived at Marist College, he continued to assist me, helping me secure a teaching assistantship. In addition, Dr. Sharma also advised me on what courses to take and how to adjust to American culture and customs. Dr. Sharma is truly a "gentleman and a scholar," and I respect him very much for what he has done for me. After graduating, I worked at IBM for nine years as an Advisory IT Specialist. Following IBM, I worked at Siemens for five years as a Consulting Applications Engineer. Currently, I am working as Director, Technical Services at SATEC, a leader in electrical power metering solutions. I have five managers that report to me and total of a 20 person team under them.